Active Data Quality For The Enterprise

Helping enterprises proactively manage their full data quality lifecycle through contextual data quality checks, anomaly detection and remediation.

Qualytics Works with these (and many more)

Elevate Your Data Quality Standards

Enhance your operations with a system trusted by leading enterprises for comprehensive data quality management

Unlock the power of our platform

Data Quality Assurance

Unlock the power of our platform for unparalleled data quality. Benefit from automated inference, evolving checks, consistent enforcement, and tailored customization.

  • Auto-Inference: 85% of data quality checks are inferred using historic data
  • Continuous Optimization: As your data evolves, so do our checks, always keeping pace with your data quality needs
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Our checks are enforced consistently across all 8 Qualytics categories
  • Customizability: Author your own checks, ensuring 100% coverage tailored to your unique needs

Keep your data consistently reliable

Anomaly Surveillance

Keep your data consistently reliable. Our anomaly detection ensures that your data remains trustworthy by catching irregularities, and refining its detection based on your feedback.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Periodic and ongoing surveillance of data sets for any inconsistencies
  • Advanced Flagging: Employ advanced techniques to highlight anomalous data values or patterns
  • Adaptive Feedback: Uses feedback to continuously adjust detection thresholds and tolerance for accurate notifications

Spring into action with confidence

Proactive Remediation

Spring into action with confidence. Our platform lights the way, helping you tackle anomalies head-on, make accurate business choices, and spare those long hours of manual checks.

  • Insightful Exposure: Uncover anomalies and metadata, empowering your team to take corrective actions
  • Automated Workflows: Set up remediation workflows that are triggered by anomalies our platform detects, ensuring quick and efficient error resolution
  • Data Integrity: Ensure your data remains of high quality, shielding business decisions from potential errors
  • Time Efficiency: Save those precious hours you’d typically spend on manual oversight

Pre-recorded Demo

The Qualytics Platform

Watch our CEO narrate an abbreviated overview of our platform in this short 2 minute Loom session. Reach out to us for a live demonstration of the product tailored to your specific usecases. We’re excited to hear from you!

Automation That Scales

Data Profiling

Continuous data profiling identifies relationships and patterns in your data even between distinct datastores

Inference Engine

Machine learning algorithms generate customized data quality rules that learn from and fit your data

Supervised Feedback

User interactions provide feedback to eliminate alert fatigue and focus on what matters to you

Applied Artificial Intelligence

Your Qualytics deployment continually assesses ground truth for your enterprise using powerful machine learning algorithms that are optimized against the Qualytics 8.

Leverage the power of full lifecycle automation for anomaly detection in your data ecosystem with Qualytics’ embedded artificial intelligence.

The Qualytics 8

Qualytics uses these 8 fundamental categories to assess data qualit


Required fields are all populated with values


Availability and uniqueness of expected records


Alignment of the content to the required standards


Values are the same for all copies and representations


Your data is of the expected defined resolution


Data is available when and where you expect it


Data has the same size and shape across similar cycles


Your data represents the true real-world values